Web Development

Domain Names

A domain name is like an address that the internet uses to find your website. You pay a small fee to book an available name, and then renew it annually. You really want it to be short and descriptive of who you are, or what you do. More importantly, you want your websites domain name to be memorable so that your customers or visitors can easily remember it, and return. We can assist you with booking a name that works for you.

Web Hosting

Hosting is the space you rent for the content of your site, your emails, and visitor traffic. Think of it as being your online business premises, the less space you need the less you pay. How much space you need depends on the size of your website, how many email addresses you want, and whether or not you want to keep your emails stored with the hosting provider.

Maintaining Your Website

Maintenance is nothing to fear, most websites need minimal maintenance to keep them up to date. Security, changing technology, search engine adjustments, or just making small changes to your site to keep it fresh and up to date for your customers, we are here for you. Just like renting space, and booking your domain name, you can pay us a monthly fee relative to your needs to keep your website up to date.

Search Engine Optimisation

Location, location, location! Having a website is good, but having people find your website in a search takes work. Being on the first page of a search is the difference between people clicking on your site or on the competition. Good results come from regularly improving your sites S.E.O. Each site has unique needs so we only charge according to your needs should you add this to your monthly maintenance.

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